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Jersey, situated 15 miles off the North West Coast of France, is today recognized as one of the world's leading offshore centers. Non-residents do not pay taxes in Jersey and taxation for Jersey residents has remained unchanged at 20% for over 50 years. The island offers political stability, a highly professional and sophisticated infrastructure and an excellent record for fiscal and regulatory prudence.

Political Stability

Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, is financially and politically independent of the United Kingdom, having its own government. The UK is responsible only for representation in matters of defense and foreign affairs. Jersey enjoys a beneficial relationship with the European Union and is absolved from compliance with many of the EU directives including fiscal harmonization.

Prudence And Confidentiality

The Jersey Authorities ensure a high degree of confidentiality in relation to financial matters with no external access to information other than under very exceptional circumstances. Legislation is regularly reviewed to maintain a prudent environment in which international business can flourish whilst ensuring that the Island is not used for undesirable or illegal activities.

This is meant only as a brief guide to the protection provided by the regulations. Full details are available on request. Contact Us.
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