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Welcome to RMC Client Services
RMC Client Services are Independent Offshore Investment Consultants, we provide independent advice to expatriates about taking advantage of their status and providing guidance to maximize returns in the most tax efficient ways for each individual client.

We do not handle any client money nor do we have our own range of funds.

We generally will not advise our clients to invest in a financial institution unless it has at least US $1billion under management and has adequate investor protection in place.

Our business has flourished by having rigid rules and principles about client service and by providing the best impartial and independent advice for each of our clients.

We do not charge our clients fees for the service that we provide, however the institutions that we place business with will pay our company an introducers fee or a commission depending on the sort of investment that is made. This fee is not in addition to normal fees that the institutions would charge the client directly, and therefore our services are provided at no additional cost to the investor.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are not owned, or partly owned by another company or financial institution such as a Bank or Insurance Group. This means that the advice that we provide is completely impartial and unbiased, based completely on the individual needs and requirements of our clients with no one product provider or fund manager getting priority over another. Our Service is "Client Specific" Our independence enables us to look at all investments and pension schemes available in the offshore marketplace, however our principle areas of advice concentrate on lump sum investments, education fees planning, regular saving programs and retirement planning for individuals and company schemes.

There is a bewildering range of investments on offer from financial institutions, many claiming to offer the perfect solution for every person, we all know that this cannot possibly be true for every individual, so even the most sophisticated investor requires independent advice from a specialist, and not every advisor can be a specialist in every avenue of Financial Planning, which is why RMC Client Services only specialize in one sector of the investment market "Offshore Investments".

It is our proud claim that Over 65% of our client bank are expatriates that work within financial services themselves who value good professional advice without the PUSH.

Latest News
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The Type Of Companies That We Are Associated With
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Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda on why he isn't all-in on EVs — and what made him do a 'happy dance'
Akio Toyoda said last week he would like his legacy to be "I love cars." But how he will be remembered for all-electric vehicles is still being determined.

The U.S. and China need to resume talks over Taiwan — away from the public eye, says think tank
"This has to happen at the highest level ... in quiet discreet channels," says Paul Haenle of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Here are the top 15 start-ups to work for in Singapore, according to LinkedIn
Start-ups in Singapore such as Aspire, Doctor Anywhere and Flash Coffee are the ones to watch, according to LinkedIn's new study.

F1's Max Verstappen says the Singapore race is 'very tough' but he's thrilled about its return
After a two-year hiatus, the Singapore Grand Prix is roaring back this Sunday on a circuit that Oracle Red Bull's Max Verstappen says he's thrilled about.

Nintendo carries out 10-for-1 stock split to lure new investors to the Japanese gaming giant
Nintendo's stock split reduces the price of an individual share, potentially making it more attractive for investors to buy in to the Japanese gaming giant.

New Foreign Secretary Cleverly says UK's strategic shift to Indo-Pacific is 'permanent'
"The Indo-Pacific tilt is here to stay," James Cleverly said at the Milken Institute Asia Summit. "It is permanent."

Biden approves an additional $1.1 billion in security assistance for Ukraine
So far, the U.S. has committed more than $16.9 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since January 2021.

'We are not rich:' A couple share one money tip that lets them travel full time — on land and sea
Samantha Khoo and Rene Sullivan sold their possessions in 2017 to travel full time. Here's why they're trading van life for a sailing lifestyle.

10 U.S. cities where housing markets are cooling the fastest—and only one is in Florida
Redfin's 2022 report ranked U.S. cities based on how much the housing market cooled down from February 2022 to August 2022.

Going to Hong Kong? Get ready for a barrage of Covid tests
Travelers no longer need to quarantine to visit Hong Kong, a move which spurred a surge in interest to leave the city, but far less to visit.
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