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Our Services

From the point of arranging the first meeting with our clients we will follow a tried and tested formula which has proved to be successful for our company and our clients alike.

Firstly we will always offer our clients the option to meet at our offices, their office or place of work or if preferred at their home.

The first meeting will simply be an introductory meeting to inform the client about our company and the services that we offer, and to find out about our clients needs and specific requirements.

We then proceed through the stages of several further meetings where we will get to know our clients needs and requirements further prior to recommending some suitable investment solutions tailored to that specific client's needs or wishes.

During our meetings we have found that many of the same questions are regularly asked and need to be answered before our clients can feel comfortable in making an informed decision.
These questions are likely to be:

"Do you only take on High Net Worth Clients?"
"What will it cost me for your services"
'Why should I invest Offshore?"
"Can I have an Offshore Pension?"
'What are the specific benefits to me?"
"Where will my money be invested?"
"What will happen if I return to my home country?"
"What currencies can I invest in?"
"How many funds are there to choose from?'
"How Flexible is the investment"
"How will I track the value of my investments?"
"What is the most cost-effective method of contributing?"
"How secure will my investment be?"
"Is it possible to get guaranteed returns?"
"How often will I see my advisor?"

As we have already mentioned no answer is correct for every client so all of these questions and many other relevant questions would be answered on a personal basis by one of our consultants during the meetings that we have prior to any of our clients entering into any investment contract.

The whole process can take a matter of days, weeks or months depending on each client's availability and personal circumstances.
The RMC Investment Consultant will follow a guideline that includes the following principle steps
  1. Introduction of our company and explanation of what we can and cannot do.
  2. Find out the facts and agree the needs of the client.
  3. Select a short listed range of suitable solutions to achieve the clients needs in the most tax effective way and discuss all options in detail.
  4. Agree a date to put the plan into action and explain what is required from the client.
  5. Action the proposals and submit documentation to the agreed institutions.
  6. Provide ongoing support to the client throughout the term of the investment wherever possible, whenever needed.

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